About J. Kale Flagg

J. Kale Flagg is an American entrepreneur from Reno, Nevada. With a diverse range of experiences, J. Kale Flagg has proven to be an asset to the ventures in which he is currently involved including the American Redevelopment Fund, LP (General Partner), Stable Development (COO), Array Asset Management (COO), and ReGenesis International (General Manager).

Originally hailing from the Aloha State, J. Kale Flagg grew up in Honolulu, on the Island of Oahu. Immediately after high school graduation, the future business leader left home for New Haven, Connecticut, where he attended Yale University, wrestled, played rugby and actively participated in his fraternity. J. Kale Flagg exited the University with a degree in Economics and Political Sciences in 1989.

As his career was budding, so was J. Kale Flagg’s love of travel. For the first ten or so years of his professional life, J. Kale Flagg called a number of interesting and diverse cities home. He lived and worked in Boston, Massachusetts; Dallas, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; and, Los Angeles, California, Honolulu, Hawaii, Tampa, Florida and Morgan Hill, California before anchoring himself firmly in Reno, Nevada.

Deciding that working for others did not help him fulfill his dreams, J. Kale Flagg transitioned from the financial markets of Wall Street to the world of self-employment, investing his time and financial resources as an independent distributor in an environmental products firm. Within six months of taking this risk, J. Kale Flagg found a talent he was unaware that he possessed – marketing. Very quickly, Flagg had earned the title of National Marketing Director and was given additional responsibilities of training and mentoring new business owners. Concurrent to the seminar and training responsibilities, J. Kale Flagg was continued oversight responsibilities for approximately 2,000 of the company’s associates and contractors.

Looking for a challenge, J. Kale Flagg established a partnership with a start up marketing and distribution firm. This new venture was in its infancy when J. Kale Flagg stepped in and positioned it for expansive growth. At the five year mark, the company had grown from scratch to over 200,000 independent sales reps and over $200 million in yearly sales. The entrepreneurial opportunities that J. Kale Flagg provided helped launch dozens of sales careers and cemented his reputation as an expert motivator in the field. It was during this time that J. Kale Flagg began teaching his methods to groups of up to 15,000 individuals.

Through his current real estate ventures, J. Kale Flagg focuses on creating better living and working conditions in the U.S. and abroad by offering affordable and innovative solutions. American Redevelopment Fund invests in and prepares distressed properties for resale quickly, affordably, and profitably. Investors are offered a 50% split in proceeds and have consistently enjoyed better than forecasted revenues. Stable Development provides business owners the chance to own their property with a budget favorable initial investment. Along with partner Lance Bradford, J. Kale Flagg manages in excess of $120 million in income producing commercial property.

Array Asset management is a Service and Asset Management firm catering to solar PV power plants across the globe that J. Kale Flagg helps to operate as COO. ReGenesis International is a leading supplier of nutritionally superior products and innovative water filtration systems.

Personally, J. Kale Flagg is a husband and father who enjoys spending quiet time with his family. He cites outdoor activities such as camping and fishing as his favorite pastimes.

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